IP Pre - Warmup

Warm up your IPs and domains well before your live campaigns.

IP Pre- Warmup

Prewarm up your IPs

This is a smart solution to save time and efforts. We have a very old email list of Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. All you need to do is send your emails to our list.

Who this is for and why do you need?

  • For senders who are in the warmup phase to expedite the process and to ensure the initial boost required for higher than usual inbox placement.
  • If you want to make the best first impression with Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail filter algorithms.
  • To revive your IPs/domains that have lost their reputation and capacity to inbox
  • To give your content a positive score required for the day.
  • To gain the dynamic reputation required for the day's campaigns that may drive a extra ratio of your emails into inbox.

Process to be followed:

  • Send to our list at least 3 times a day either unique content or different contents for 3-4 days prior to live mailing.
  • Gmail reputation algorithms activate for volumes greater than 1000 only. So, a minimum of 3 times is a must for each day.
  • You could stop using the list for a domain/IP which performs really good after warmup.
  • It is strongly recommended unless you are really confident with the reputation built, warmup done and performance, please do continue using the list. Key to success with Gmail is consistency.
  • After you start live campaigns, you should not immediately stop using the list as your overall open rates suddenly declines which gives a negative impression to Gmail. Do that gradually as your regular audience open rates improves.

What we do with your emails?

  • Move emails from spam to inbox
  • Move emails from promotions to primary
  • We Open your emails: A minimum of 60-70% open rates or more
  • We Click your emails: A minimum of 15-25% click rates or more

How would you love this service? We would like to hear from you, talk to one of our team members.

If you need this service or would like to learn more about how this helps you, please contact us.
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