Our deliverability doctors audit your email infra & content and then prescribe the right dose of strategy that suites your case.

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Do you know the difference between Delivery and Deliverability?

There are two filters to navigate through before you reach your email subscribers or users:

  •  Filter1: ISP acceptance - Does a recipient server accept your message?
  •  Filter2: Does a recipient server accept your message?

It is the responsibility of the sender to make sure that their emails are well equiped to pass through the above filters. Deliverability is an art and the science that deals with below areas of email marketing.

  • Avoid voilating international email laws like CASL, CAN SPAM law etc.
  • A Proper warmup plan to gain ISPs trust.
  • A volume scale up strategy.
  • Dealing with inactive users.
  • Email sending infra's (IP, sender domain) reputation management.
  • Email content optimisation: Subject lines, from names, key words, email layout.
  • Inbox testings before live.
  • Dealing with email/IP/domain blocks, deferals; IP/domain blacksting issues.
  • List/Data segmentation.
  • Mailing frequency and lot more‚Äč.

Our deliverability experts are:

  • Doctors, if your domains/IPs suffer from reputtaion issues or blocks. We treat them with utmost care and prescribe a reviving strategy under ICU.
  • Lawyers, we talk on your behalf to black listing organizations and get your case settled.
  • Scientist, continuously researching on how to improve deliverability through various experiments with content, data and infra.
  • No less than a Psychologist trying to understand and analyse the various ISPs spam filter algorithms and their psychology towards emails.
  • Obviously an Engineer working on building a strong email infra and a lot more. :)
In simple words, talk to our deliverability experts to get your emails to inbox.
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